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Want to write for Modern Nexus? If you are interested in being a regular Staff Writer, check out the “Join the Team” page and see if there are any openings on the staff. If you are interested in just contributing a single article, tournament report, theory piece, deck analysis, or something similar, then the “Volunteer Contributor” program is just the thing for you!

Volunteer Contributors

We are currently accepting pieces from all prospective Volunteer Contributors! (3/22/2016)

Want your writing published on a major Magic content site? Interested in sharing your work with the wider Modern community? Submit your writing to Modern Nexus through our Volunteer Contributors program today! No previous writing or even tournament experience is necessarily required. We are looking for articles and pieces including but not limited to:

  • Tournament reports. Did well at a Grand Prix, Classic, Open, or even smaller event? We want to hear about it!
  • Deck primers. Know the ins and outs of a certain strategy? Write it up in a primer for the Modern community!
  • Theory pieces. Have insight into an aspect of Modern-related Magic theory? Share it with us!
  • Modern issues. Got an opinion on the banlist, Modern support, format coverage, etc.? Let us know!
  • And more! If it’s related to Modern and meets our submission criteria, it’s probably great for the site.

If you are interested in contributing, please see the submission guidelines and more information below.

  • Position description
    Volunteer Contributors are responsible for submitting one article to Modern Nexus. Contributors will be given full author credit for the article, but the writing is the property of Modern Nexus. Unlike Staff Writers, this is an unpaid position for the site. For more information, see the official announcement.

Got questions? Feel free to respond in the comment section of this page, or shoot an email over to [email protected]